Right from the start of their friendship, Eoin and James have always shared a passion for good whiskey paired with equally sublime banter. With a combined knowledge that ranges from the distillery to the bar stool, they decided to partner up and start doing tastings the way they ought to be done.

Started in 2017, The Whiskey Barons is a brand new concept - take high-end whiskey tastings out of stuffy and snobby bars and bring it straight to you. 




God sent James to Earth to imbue mankind with an appreciation for fine whiskey. With years of experience tending bar in some of Dublin's best whiskey pubs, he's tasted it all and now he wants you to taste it too.

James is your man when it comes to taking a taste of tip-top tipple.



Long before he ever turned pro, Eoin had an extended amateur career in whiskey-ing. Although he is now a certified spirit distiller, he has always preferred talking about and drinking whiskey rather than making it. 

Eoin can go in depth into the science and history of every dram he pours thanks to his many years of "research".